Hosted in the prestigious fifteenth-century Convent of S. Antonio da Padova in Civitaretenga, the hostel is a place dedicated to a simple but full of character hospitality, in a spectacular landscape setting, overlooking the Navelli plateau in the direction of Collepietro and surrounded by a crown of mountain peaks.
The hostel takes its name from the Regio Tratturo, the path of “transumanza” which, in the stretch between L’Aquila and Foggia, passed through Civitaretenga / Navelli.
The management of the “Ostello Sul tratturo” (reception, linen, breakfast, guests’ needs, guided tours of the town and its surroundings) is managed by the Community Cooperative of Navelli “Oro Rosso”.
The hostel has 21 beds (five bedrooms with three single beds, two of which communicating in the case of large groups, a bedroom with four singles and a double bedroom fully furnished), bathrooms for women and men, a living room for guests. , a space for breakfasts, a multifunctional room capable of hosting conventions, conferences, residential schools, workshops, etc.

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ex Convento, Via S. Antonio, 67020 Civitaretenga AQ


42.2458846, 13.7077461

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