Abruzzo Segreto bed & breakfast

In the heart of the ancient medieval village of Navelli, famous for the production of saffron here called “Red Gold”

Azienda Agricola Salvati

Our company mainly deals with the production of Evo oil (as well as wine in limited production).

B&B La Loggia di Federico

In uno dei Borghi piu’ belli d’Italia, un’antica dimora ristrutturata per una vacanza di relax e natura con un panorama mozzafiato!

B&B Sotto Le Volte

An immersion in the abundance of uncontaminated nature, a life at a slow pace and the authenticity of a lost time.

Berlingeri Tartufi

The Berlingeri farm deals with the cultivation and processing of…

Casa Senatore Bed & Breakfast

Stately home of the seventeenth century, located in the historic center of the medieval village. Furnished with love by the owners, with refined materials suitable for the style of the…